The Irritating Greeks

Nietzcshe in his first book “The Birth of Tragedy” written over 100 years ago explains very precisely the philosophical root of the  negative reporting over the last 2 years in the media regarding the modern Greek state and those irritating Greeks. Beyond the economic crisis there is an underlying irritation which is expressed in very personal attacks against modern Greeks and the state of their economy and culture. There is a deeper reason for these “over the top” attacks on Greek culture and Greeks in general. They call as lazy, corrupt, thieves, and every other name in the swear word lexicon.

I have reprinted the specific excerpt from Nietzsche’s “The Birth of Tragedy’ at the end of this post.

Greek immigrants join the chorus

Even Greek immigrants living abroad and locals have joined this chorus of bigotry and personal attacks on Greece in general and local Greeks in particular. Suddenly Greeks who emigrated to other more affluent economies look back to Greece with disgust and even parrot the bigotry and outright hateful statements made by economists and world leaders. Those who wish to make the Greeks the scapegoats for their own economic policy failures and not take any responsibility for bringing the modern Greek state to its knees. Continue reading The Irritating Greeks