Flora Cushman the Great Unsung Hero of Israeli Dance

This video is made as a tribute to Flora Cushman the legendary choreographer and teacher who recently passed away. I video taped it in silence and was astonished to see how well the music I added afterwards fit the movements. This is a testament to Flora Cushman’s sense of musicality embedded in her movements like silent songs. I have started to train again using her method that I remember from 33 years ago which is the last time I danced. You can follow my progress here as I attempt at 58 years of age to recreate a 12 minute solo dance she choreographed for me. Flora, this song is for you! Link to the remembrance page for Flora Cushman: http://www.rjweaver.net/JCCons/Flora.htm

This is day 5.

Flora Cushman the Great Unsung Hero of Israeli Dance PART 1

I first met Flora Cushman when she came as a guest teacher to my school Mudra in Brussels during a cold a dreary December of 1977. Mudra was a total dance and theater school founded by Maurice Bejart artistic director of the company, “Dance of the 21st Century.” She was a legendary teacher studied with Martha Graham, brought up in a musical environment. Flora also played piano for Martha Grahams classes. Continue reading Flora Cushman the Great Unsung Hero of Israeli Dance