Lego invented by an ancient Hellenic architect?

One of the most enduring mysteries may have been finally solved. How did they build the temples so they stay standing for thousands of years? The answer was in plain sight the whole time. I came face to face with this elusively obvious answer to this puzzle when I visited the Aphaia temple on Aegina Island. This is one of three Parthenons built during the 5th and 6th century BC. Only recently did archaeologists realize they form a perfect triangle when these three temples were viewed from high above. Considering the fact they were not all built at exactly the same time and the positioning of these temples predate Hellenes known ability to triangulate their position, it would seem to be purely coincidental. Especially when you consider their placement in very specific places that leave no room for adjustments. The Parthenons at Acropolis in Athens, Aphaia on Aigina island nor Sounio at the cliffs edge of Attica could be moved a few hundred feet this way or that way in order to get the precise triangle formation without falling off the mountain or into the sea. So this mystery remains unsolved. Continue reading Lego invented by an ancient Hellenic architect?