Time Has Come to Say Goodbye

The time has come to embrace our greatness. Time has come to once again embrace the drachma. The time has finally arrived to say goodbye to the euro. This simple thought instills enormous fear and tribulation. The fear is palpable and the panic seeps through everything and everyone in its path. This simple thought can change the course of history. Time has come to say goodbye. Think this simple thought in the privacy of your own imagination and let it come alive in your heart. “Time to say goodbye to the euro and time to embrace the drachma” Do not let them scare you do not let anyone put fear in your heart. Our choices will determine our future. Let them know you are not going to take it anymore.

Enough is enough

The ancient Athenians under the leadership of Themistocles, when faced with certain military defeat abandoned Athens and fled to Salamis. Every single person new that it was time to say goodbye to their beloved city. They abandoned their homes their temples. They abandoned Athens. Their courage and daring paved the way for the eventual victory against the Persians. Now we are called once again to make the choice for freedom instead of eternal slavery to foreign powers. We can make the rational choice free from fear and superstition. If only we had a Themistocles among us to show us the way; some cry out. Themistocles will not arrive as a leader but as an idea and a willingness to take action and a willingness to sacrifice everything for freedom. Victory was not assured then and victory is not assured now. But defeat is guaranteed if we do nothing. At least think about it. At least do that. Greatness does not live in the past, it can reside in our present, in our hearts  and in our future.


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SNGCop 039” by Classical Numismatic Group, Inc. http://www.cngcoins.com – Classical Numismatic Group. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.