Hellenic-Certified is a personal certification service offered on products that I personally endorse. It is not an official or unofficial association with membership or any type of official sanction from any government or state or governing entity or any type of NGO or any other commercial or special interest group. I receive no payment or compensation for showcasing products, specific olive groves, companies, or ingredients unless otherwise stated. Hellenic-Certified is the results of my personal quest to find the ingredients that most closely reflect the products used by the Ancient Hellenic culture of the 6th and 5th century BC. I am focused mostly on the Athenian culture during the 6th and 5th century B.C. because it is the place the best of the best came together. Many other city states contributed to the knowledge base, but no other city state was ever able to match the Athenian drive for excellence in all matters. In no other city state of the time did they systematically attempt to discover and use high nutritional foods and the most effective training methods using only rational thought free of superstition and fear. They learned by trial and error coupled with a highly developed observational skills. Their choices for nutrition and the combination of ingredients have been scientifically proven to be nutritious and extremely health promoting.

The ingredients or products I showcase and the reasons for choosing them can be found in their totality only on this website. I have personally visited the olive groves, met with the growers, and personally examined the products and had them scientifically tested using the latest testing methods available to me.

Although I have personally tried the recipes and consume all the products and recipes outlined in this website this is not offered as nutritional or diet advice please consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet or your physical fitness program. Your health is your responsibility.

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