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Introduction PART 1
Why did the Hellenic Age suddenly appear and evolve so rapidly? They excelled and practically invented philosophy and the concept of individual freedom. They were the First to introduce Democracy, rational thought and scientific inquiry free from superstition. Modern scientific research is confirming Hellenic recipes and ingredients to contain exceptional nutritional value. They also invented the idea of patenting intellectual property and issued the first patent for a recipe for the winner of a cooking competition in 600BC. Their success in medicine, mathematics, art, law, engineering, even the method to increase memory is miraculous. What are the Hellenic recipes for their success?

Perfect balance of opposites
Perfect balance of opposites

Measuring the distance between the earth and the moon

Using trigonometry and some basic tools they were even able to successfully measure the distance (they were off by about 20,000 miles) from the earth to the moon. This explosion of creativity and rapid evolution occurred within a relatively small time frame of 100 years and still confounds scholars to this day. What is the recipe for their success? What were the basic ingredients that contributed to this level of unbridled creativity and evolution of thought?

Personal quest

This book is the result of my personal quest to test out a variety of ideas not as an academic exercise but in a fully committed physical embodiment and a no holds barred need to discover the source of their greatness. Finally after 45 years of an active search I can safely say that I have uncovered the elusive obvious that most academics have failed to understand the truth that lies before their eyes. It is not an intellectual truth it is a living breathing experience of being truly human.

I went in search of the best olive oil and re-discovered the Hellenic soul.

The only way to know them is to attempt to be like them. This book is a “factional” account of my experiences and accumulated embodied knowledge. I use the word factional to describe it because it is “factual,” but because some of the characters are still living only those that know me well will realize who I am referring to; in order to protect the innocent and the guilt in equal measure I also used part of the word “fiction.” The essence of the experiences is not altered but some of the names, the people and places have been moved in time and space. Everything I write about did actually occur regardless how outrageous it may sound. My friends and enemies alike have heard me recount my stories countless times over the years. Inspired by my Ancient Hellenic roots and life experiences The Odyssey

I decided to re-enter “Greece” in order to produce an Ancient Hellenic cookbook and market the essential ingredients such as olive oil. See: www.bestoliveoil.ca

Hellenic recipes

I have linked all the stories philosophically to the Hellenic period simply because the connection was obvious in retrospect. I did this in order to bring to life “The recipe for the Revival of the Hellenic soul” and bring my vision of the Hellenic soul back to life by giving clear examples of how I applied the principles in my own life. Hellenic recipes are sprinkled throughout the book as additional food for thought and practical nourishment.
“You are what you eat” Hippocrates

What was the main ingredient that made the Hellenics reach beyond anything that had come before them?
Here is a big clue to the Hellenic success story
“I shudder when I consider what the state of human thought would be today without the Hellenic prefixes – ana, kata, peri, hypo, hyper, anti, etc. ” – Paul Valery

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Greek_and_Latin_roots_in_English How can you give birth to rational thought and analysis without these prefixes? The Hellenic language is generally accepted as the first to invent and use prefixes to effectively analyze thought and use it for rational scientific inquiry. The Hellenes were then able to use these prefixes as main ingredients in order to analyze thought. The use of prefixes transformed grammar into algebraic formulas within a linguistic context and enabled the rapid evolution of rational thought free of superstition and fear. The need for free individual thinking required these linguistic tools in order to be born and flourish.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_alphabet They also invented the use of vowels in order to give greater nuance and depth of feeling to their words, sentences, paragraphs and stories. Oration and poetry were highly prized talents and abilities that everyone sought to master. They invented Democracy in order to choose the best orators, poets and the most rational and inventive thinkers for their leaders. They cherished this freedom and inspired an unprecedented degree of growth of human civilization. We still feast on this knowledge whose remnants are evident in our every single endeavour. This is why I decided to use the title to better illustrate “Recipes for the Revival of the Hellenic Soul” that lies dormant within us all.

My book “Recipes for the Revival of the Hellenic Spirit” purpose is to clear the cobwebs surrounding the true nature and practical value of the Hellenic spirit. Connecting with the Hellenic spirit will untame your creativity and unleash your capabilities to their full potential.

Rising above superstition and fear, “Recipes for the Revival of the Hellenic Spirit” is a guide to personal happiness, physical health, and intellectual freedom. A road map for reclaiming our fullest potential as a species.

“One city one world one human at a time”

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