Hellenic Sun

Hellenic Sun is the first and best Recipe for the Revival of the Hellenic Spirit.

The sun stands at the top of the list of ingredients for a healthy, long life. The ultimate recipe for happiness is to be kissed by the late afternoon glorious sun of Hellas. Let it penetrate your every cell and enter into your deepest darkness and bring light to your soul.

My book “Recipes for the Revival of the Hellenic Spirit” purpose is to clear the cobwebs surrounding the true nature and practical value of the Hellenic spirit. Connecting with the Hellenic spirit will untame your creativity and unleash your capabilities to their full potential.

Rising above superstition and fear, “Recipes for the Revival of the Hellenic Spirit” is a guide to personal happiness, physical health, and intellectual freedom. A road map for reclaiming our fullest potential as a species.

One city one world one human at a time”

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