Left handed Right handed whats the difference

Left handed Right handed whats the difference


When I was in kindergarten, my teacher brought me to the blackboard in front of the class, and asked me to draw a line. I lifted my left hand (I was naturally left handed) and was immediately slapped. The teacher screamed at me to lift the good hand. Not being aware of the difference between good and bad hand, I raised my naturally left hand and was slapped once again. The teacher became hysterical at this point, as she took my right hand, put the chalk in it and slammed it on the chalkboard. “This is the correct hand! you must become right handed!” she screamed. I was left shocked and felt terrorized. When I returned home I sought to understand what happened. I asked my parents, and my grand parents, but to my surprise all my family agreed with the teacher. I kept asking them why is it the bad hand? They told me something about the devil is in the left hand, the right hand is god’s hand, or something to that effect. Even at the age of 5 I knew this was wrong. Why is it that we as a rational, technologically advanced culture still promote the right hand over the left? Only recently has the awareness of the dangers of left handed people face when using tools designed for right-handers. This right hand bias has led to left handed tools being developed only recently. Still we are a predominantly right handed world. Even in the military where you would think training both sides would make for better soldiers.

Looking back at that incident now, I ask myself where did we go so wrong? Why did we surrender our free will and embrace superstition as fact? Since we have two hands why are we only using one? Why not use both equally? Would it not be more efficient? Would it not be better for our physicality and co-ordination if we could use with equal force both arms? Same goes for the legs. Why have we allowed our bodies to be half used. One side is less coordinated than the other. We have trained our bodies to have one side weaker than the other. Our bodies our certainly able to develop both sides equally without sacrificing strength or co-ordination, in fact increasing them both.

Even in our age of advanced technology and science we still cling to superstition and fear. We do not even use the number 13 in our buildings. How rational is that?

Why are we still living literally with one hand tied behind our backs, and dragging the weaker leg along? What type of damage does this cause to the spine, hips, shoulders? Do we care?

Did we ever in our history have a time period where rational thought and the exercise of our free will was encouraged? Yes we did! Ancient Hellenic culture has given us the recipe for excellence, good health, and effective rational thinking.

It is fascinating to observe the depth of rational thought exemplified by the Ancient Hellenes. They managed to achieve a high degree of rationality in observing the world around them while at the same time worshiping their ancestors as gods, engaged in superstitious acts like sacrificed animals to gain favor or be granted their wishes or for good health. Their gods were people they knew and loved. These were their heroes; their warriors, doctors, musicians, mathematicians, farmers, lovers, seafarers and others who excelled in their life. What better way to motivate their citizens to greatness and self sacrifice than by giving them a chance at immortality. They too can become gods by their actions. They had no sense of guilt or shame. They trained naked because it was the most practical way to make sure the muscles were being properly developed as the children grew into adulthood. They believed the right and left side must be perfectly balanced to create the best human being and the best warrior.

The left hand was called “aristos” meaning the best or the most excellent. In my opinion this was a very clever way to inspire the right handed people to switch and begin to use the left hand equally as the right.

“Practice all the operations, performing them with each hand and with both together – for they are both alike – your object being ready to attain ability, grace, speed, painlessness, elegance and readiness.” Hippocrates



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