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Secret Training Techniques of Ancient Hellenic Culture


I was always curious as to why ancient Hellenic culture was able to achieve an almost unbelievable pace of innovation on and off the battlefield. This small nation of made up of city states at war with each other for most of the time somehow found the leisure time to invent theatre, medicine, astronomy, mathematics, democracy, nutrition, systematic exercise and muscle development, sculpture, that we still use and are still relevant to this present day. My journey to understanding the secret of rational thought has been a life long pursuit. This article is the first I am publishing on this subject and will be followed up others and eventually by a book I have been writing for a long time titled: “Recipes for the Revival of the ancient Hellenic Spirit” The book will take a little while longer, but there is no need to wait.

The Dancing Warriors

There is one aspect of the ancient Hellenic culture that always intrigued me. Their physical development seemed so extraordinary that to this day very few if any really understand how they trained. What did they know about physical training and development? Based on the evidence they left behind they knew a great deal more than our present athletes and warriors. Dance was at the center of their training. You can still see some elements of the ancient Hellenic dance in classical forms of ballet. This form of dance began in Italy after the Hellenic scholars and merchants arrived fleeing the Ottoman empire after it occupied Constantinople. They brought their most treasured books and manuscripts and they brought their gold. This wealth fuelled the Italian renaissance and began the march out of the dark ages of human expression. It is assumed that classical dance began by simply copying the poses of the ancient Hellenic sculptures. But what if their books described a training technique of the body? What if there were detailed drawings of the exercises and rhythms and steps? Continue reading Secret Training Techniques of Ancient Hellenic Culture

Ancient Hellenic breakfast

Ancient Hellenic Breakfast

Here is what the typical breakfast of the ancient Hellenic culture would look like during the 6th and 5th century B.C. in Athens.

Breakfast of Champions:
1 slice of bread made from barley, spelt, and seeds, topped with 2 tablespoons of red wine, 2 tablespoons of high polyphenol olive oil pressed from unripened olives. (the more bitter and pungent the taste – the better the olive oil) small slice of feta cheese, 6 throuba olives, 6 kalamon olives, 2 boiled eggs, surrounded by steamed beet greens, garnished with fresh basil leaves. You can substitute with mixtures of dandelion greens, spinach, swiss chard, amaranth and any other leafy greens you find at your grocer. Best is to pick them in the wild or grow them  yourself, but more on this later… but make sure you wash well; preferably leave vegetables to sit in water for 30 minutes in order to remove pesticides and other impurities.


Recipes For The Revival Of The Hellenic Spirit

My book “Recipes for the Revival of the Hellenic Spirit” purpose is to clear the cobwebs surrounding the true nature and practical value of the Hellenic spirit. Connecting with the Hellenic spirit will untame your creativity and unleash your capabilities to their full potential.

Rising above superstition and fear, “Recipes for the Revival of the Hellenic Spirit” is a guide to personal happiness, physical health, and intellectual freedom. A road map for reclaiming our fullest potential as a species.

One city one world one human at a time”

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