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Secret Training Techniques of Ancient Hellenic Culture


I was always curious as to why ancient Hellenic culture was able to achieve an almost unbelievable pace of innovation on and off the battlefield. This small nation of made up of city states at war with each other for most of the time somehow found the leisure time to invent theatre, medicine, astronomy, mathematics, democracy, nutrition, systematic exercise and muscle development, sculpture, that we still use and are still relevant to this present day. My journey to understanding the secret of rational thought has been a life long pursuit. This article is the first I am publishing on this subject and will be followed up others and eventually by a book I have been writing for a long time titled: “Recipes for the Revival of the ancient Hellenic Spirit” The book will take a little while longer, but there is no need to wait.

The Dancing Warriors

There is one aspect of the ancient Hellenic culture that always intrigued me. Their physical development seemed so extraordinary that to this day very few if any really understand how they trained. What did they know about physical training and development? Based on the evidence they left behind they knew a great deal more than our present athletes and warriors. Dance was at the center of their training. You can still see some elements of the ancient Hellenic dance in classical forms of ballet. This form of dance began in Italy after the Hellenic scholars and merchants arrived fleeing the Ottoman empire after it occupied Constantinople. They brought their most treasured books and manuscripts and they brought their gold. This wealth fuelled the Italian renaissance and began the march out of the dark ages of human expression. It is assumed that classical dance began by simply copying the poses of the ancient Hellenic sculptures. But what if their books described a training technique of the body? What if there were detailed drawings of the exercises and rhythms and steps? Continue reading Secret Training Techniques of Ancient Hellenic Culture

Mediterranean Lifestyle design

Mediterranean Lifestyle design

As long as big business rules the food business the health of their customers is not their priority.
The truth about nutrition is simple. The most nutritional food is produced by nature when left to its own resources. Wild greens do not need to be watered, fertilized or sprayed to defend against insects or other pests. Plants are able to defend themselves by secreting their own compounds that make them undesirable to pests. Fortunately these compounds are usually the most health promoting for humans. Oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol found in olives is an effective anti insecticide and is also the most powerful antioxidant known. Organic barley, lentils and black beans, sprouted and then cooked offer the most nourishment.
Big business sponsored research conducted favoring specific manufactured or mass produced products cannot be trusted due to conflict of interest. Recently this type of research has found ordinary ketchup is actually a health food due to the fact that it contains lycopene.
Mediterranean lifestyle design is not just the amount of food. It is the quality of food and the climate and the amount of daily exercise and favorable social conditions. Instead of Mediterranean diet I call it Mediterranean lifestyle design.
These nutritionists and their agribusiness bosses have caused the great majority of early deaths and sicknesses in North America and increasingly abroad. Thanks to agribusiness, the Crete of Ancel Keys the author of the “Mediterranean Diet” no longer exists…