What is Hellenic Certified?

“Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food”


Hellenic Certified is a new high nutrition food and lifestyle guide based on an ancient ideal

This statement “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food” by Hippocrates is the basis for the Hellenic Certified products and philosophy. We will employ the latest scientific research to determine the best food products. We will use them in recipes that closely follow the Ancient Hellenic school of nutrition and medicine.

Why is it important for us to know about the Ancient Hellenic nutritional habits?

Simple answer – because we have lost our way. Our obsession with mass food production has made us sick. We live longer but are not healthier. our ‘science” has created a pill for every sickness real or imagined. Doctors are at our side from birth to death and every step of the way in between.

What can we do to change?
It is time for us to seek out real food with the highest nutritional values available. This website is dedicated to the pursuit of real food grown in traditional or organic manner. We will make them available to consumers directly – from the farm to your kitchen.

What type of ingredients did they use to cook with?

The ingredients they preferred to use in their recipes have been proven to be of superior nutritional quality by modern science. For example: barley and spelt instead of the modern high gluten wheat. Goat milk for products like yogurt and cheese. They did not drink milk of any kind except donkey milk. Sprouted grains like beans and lentils, wild greens, vegetables and fish, olive oil and olives, seeds, figs, and honey were common. There are many other ingredients still in use today in Greece and grown under the same conditions as they were 2,500 years ago.

They ate very little meat, and there was a strong movement towards a more vegetarian diet. They did not kill animals for food they sacrificed them on holidays. This was their sole source of meat which amounted to less than 5 kilos a year. Their nutritional guidelines and ingredients were designed and chosen to build healthy strong physiques and maximize their health value. The more modern science looks into the specific nutritional choices of the Ancient Hellenes Hellenic the more they are astounded at their excellent choices. Their ability to discern and choose the best ingredients suited for high performance athletes was unparalleled. Their warriors not only achieved peak performance but were also known for their longevity and health and superior brain function.

We will gather the Hellenic Certified food items and reconstitute some of the Ancient Greek recipes in a Hellenic Certified cookbook to be published in November 2013.

First known patent was issued for a Recipe!

Athenaeus, writing in the third century CE, cites Phylarchus in saying that in the Greek city of Sybaris (located in what is now southern Italy), exclusive rights were granted for one year to creators of unique culinary dishes. This is the first known instance of a patent being granted. Fascinating that it was a for a food recipe. This is how valuable they regarded proper food preparation.

A complete plan for long and healthy life

We believe the time has arrived for a Food as Medicine diet plan and exercise program for physical fitness, health and longevity. It will be based on the Hellenic healthy food principles backed by science and made with Hellenic Certified ingredients.

An exercise program for health, fitness and well-being will be also integrated with the meal plans. We will include mind stimulating thinking and inspirational philosophies of excellence and competition will be important ingredients in any recipe.

The Promise

I promise you this unique Hellenic Certified Cookbook “Recipes for the Revival of the Hellenic Spirit” will be more than a collection of recipes or a collection of scientific facts on Ancient nutrition and exercise. It will inspire, entertain and remind you of what is possible. It will make you feel better, become stronger, stimulate your creativity and increase your brain power. it will rekindle long lost dreams and aspirations you may have left behind and assist you in developing your own recipe for success in all your endeavors. I promise you all this or your money back.

This book is not only about the latest nutritional information and super food recipes but is also a guide to happiness and achieving a sense of total well being; physical, emotional, contemplative and intellectual. It is the culmination of all my experiences and accumulated knowledge. It has been tried and tested in the battlefield of living. Ideas successfully tested in the practical world can be inspiring examples of philosophy in action.

Hellenic recipes for success
12 ways to overcome every type of adversity or problem whether it stems from inside of you or from an external threat.

Hellenic recipes for health
12 Ancient Hellenic recipes for maximum health.

Hellenic super foods
12 basic ingredients for maximum nutrition.

Hellenic exercise
12 exercises to help you look and feel like a Hellenic God or Goddess

Contact me today to receive regular updates and reserve your signed copy. Limited number of hard cover books will be printed. You will also receive a free e-book version with your copy and other benefits to be announced leading up to the release date.

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