World Hunger


The world hungers for the taste of real food. Mass food production has provided more quantity but lower quality. We eat more but we feel more hungry. This is what modern farming techniques have done. Once you factor in the health hazards of eating food that has been sprayed with insecticides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers and hormones, on the consumer and the farmers that have to handle such dangerous chemicals, where is the benefit? These failed western world mass food production policies have now invaded Greece the land of the Mediterranean diet with disastrous results.

Root of the Problem

Ansel Keys not only discovered the healthy Cretan diet making it the key to the “heart healthy” Mediterranean diet but he also developed the K-ration, A-ration and B-ration. These last 3 diets designed for soldiers in the battlefield is the root of the problem; we have been fed K ration diets ever since. Food rations developed for the battle field troops beginning in the WWI and then accelerating during and after WWII have dominated our food supply. This high calorie, high sugar and high fat survival diet has dominated our nutritional intake ever since the 1950s. The proliferation of fast food, TV dinners, junk food of every type has become a substitute for a well cooked meal. Three generations of children growing up on Fast Food’s low nutritional playground of high calorie, fast food overseen by a Clown mascot as their babysitter. The K-ration’s saturated fat and sugar biscuits and processed meat is the basis for the mass food production industry that begun with WWI. It received a huge boost in the aftermath of WWII in the 1950s by the development of the infamous K-ration. It has been marketed and inserted into our everyday cultural diet experience that had its start in North America. It has been spreading around the globe driven by the immense profit margins and power of the ever expanding fast and convenient junk food industry. Instead of adopting the healthy Mediterranean lifestyle and diet we were subjected to the proliferation of junk food type K-rations. Now it has invaded the very place where the Mediterranean diet was discovered; the island of Crete in Greece.

It has to do with many factors,” said Christina Makratzaki, a local dietitian.

In the ’50s and ’60s the people, they were poor, but they were healthy,” she explained. “They were eating very good foods — the olive oil, the olives, the green leafy vegetables that are our treasure. But they were enforced in a way because of their poverty to use these things.”

Then people here got a little money — from tourism, from agriculture — and everything changed.

Now, we have many choices,” she said. Like processed food from the supermarket and fast food on the street; and soda and doughnuts and ice cream. All of it cheaper to buy, easier to prepare — and, especially for children, harder to resist — than what grandma used to make. And then there’s the marketing — a relentless bombardment of ads aimed at kids for products like soft drinks and breakfast cereal and processed meat. 

Recipes For The Revival Of The Hellenic Spirit

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